The Origin


El Robledal de la Santa Moherino Blend is a yarn made from 100% Spanish natural fibres. It is composed of black and white Spanish Mohair and Merino (Moherino). The Mohair comes from the herd of Angora goats bred and raised at El Robledal de la Santa farm in Cáceres province, in the region of Extremadura. The Merino wool comes from a sheep farm in La Huertona, in the region of León.

In both cases, the animals live in totally natural conditions, in areas of vital importance for encouraging biodiversity. The herds are raised in keeping with extensive farming systems, applying methods that prioritize the health and well-being of the animals and the flourishing of the landscapes they inhabit . All the processes involved, from the breeding and feeding of the animals to the shearing and processing of their wool, are carried out with the very highest care and respect. The production of the yarn takes place in the province of Cuenca in central Spain, in collaboration with Wooldreamers. Moherino Blend is in fact the result of cooperation between a group of young people dedicated to the recovery and revitalization of a Spanish cultural heritage

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Our Tote Bags

Made from cotton, a fibre of plant origin whose properties make it particularly strong and suitable for reuse. It is sensitive to the action of micro-organisms, so that its natural degradation takes place within the space of a few months. The use of 100% natural fibres in the production process encourages the introduction of more sustainable practices from the start of the cycle right through to the recovery of the relevant waste products. The cotton used for our Tote Bags is certified by AITEX, which means that it has been tested for the presence of over 300 harmful substances, which are all totally absent, thus complying with the production standards apt for sale for human use.

The vital role played by our suppliers

We work with creative people who share the same philosophy as our company. We bring our end customers closer to the process of production of our garments by delivering small “pills” of vital information. We want our customers to learn as much as possible about how each garment is made, thus acquiring a closer view of our processes.


The start of each collection derives from a process of research into the fibre to be used, taking into account its social and environmental impact. In order to carry this out, we work in close cooperation with our designers and conceive together the basic outlines of each collection We also think about the production process, working with our suppliers and manufacturers using exclusively sustainable processes involving local production and recycling. The totality of these processes will be made known to our end customers. We are in direct contact with all the people who participate in the production of our garments, from the small wool producer through to the designer and the people responsible for knitting the finished garments.

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A fair price to ensure the right balance is found in the market

When determining the cost of each garment, there are several aspects to consider: the quality and availability of natural materials, the design, the handcrafted elaboration of the garment, the sampling and quality control processes, sustainable packaging, soaps for washing, which must comply with European regulations of low environmental impact. In this way, the final price is determined by the totality of the prices of the various processes that combine to produce the final garment.


Our Mission


It is becoming increasingly obvious that there is an urgent need for society to work with companies like Knit in web that are committed to the protection of the environment. Our mission is to conserve the environment in which we operate in a better condition than when we found it: this is our leitmotiv. Change must come from our own environment as more and more people rally to the cause of sustainable products and services. We work with small farmers with whom we share the ideals of sustainability, the circular economy and total transparency.


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Here are some common questions we get asked by our customers

You will receive an informative email when you make your purchase and when it will be shipped with a code so you can track its reception. In the meantime, you will be able to contact us and ask any questions you may have.

You will be able to make it in the 24h following the request, and as long as the model has not started to be manufactured, think that most of the pieces will be built on request, we will inform you in the purchase mail.

Tell us what you need. If it is a unique piece, you can tell us your idea and we will discuss it with the design team.

The button that comes with your garment has NFC technology, it has a chip inside that stores all the information of the garment you have purchased. From it you can access the traceability of your garment. Type of fiber, supplier, designer, weaver, garment care, washing and conservation. It lets you know that your garment has a serial number and that its characteristics make it a unique garment.

Make sure you have NFC enabled on your cell phone.

Move your phone close to the button that accompanies your garment and it will take you to a web link where you can learn all about the history of the garment you have purchased.


If you haven’t found the answer to your questions, write to us and we will reply as quickly as possible.