Our designers


The contribution made by our designers to the process of design and creation is absolutely vital. It is their expert handicraft that shapes the collections that we present to our customers, and represents a way of working that in the majority of cases has been inherited from a long family tradition that has conserved the meticulous techniques and delicate processes with which these artists give life to their garments.


A native of Córdoba, Begoña is a highly qualified creative artist and clothing designer. Combined with her distinguished professional experience she is always keen to transmit her enthusiasm for clothing design, and teaches the various techniques of crochet work and flecado (fringes).
Among the aspects of clothing design that most interest her are the ancestral techniques dating back to the 16th century. Transmitted to her by her grandmother Francisca Caballero, she has adapted these elements to the world of contemporary fashion. She has introduced traditional features that until a few years ago were only to be found in tablecloths or bedspreads into the rarefied world of fashion shows and specialized reviews, forming part of the stylistic idiom of elegant soirées. Through her “knitted designs and canvases”, as she herself describes her creations, she has thus raised crochet and flecado to the status of true works of art.

A combination of elegance, discreet good taste and simplicity are the hallmarks of her design.

Begoña Castillejo


Juana is a designer of knitwear (produced with two knitting-needles in the traditional fashion) and is also a teacher of knitwear techniques. She has many years of experience in traditional knitwear and also in dressmaking and pattern design.

Although she has a degree in Statistics, she adores the world of fashion, and has had a particular passion for traditional knitting ever since her mother first taught her the technique when she was a little girl. She loves not only numbers and proportions, but also the beauty found in all things, in words and in people, constantly learning and discovering new experiences.

This eclecticism can be clearly seen in all her designs.

Almudena Castillejo Sánchez

Born in Córdoba in 1987, Almudena is a plastic artist, muralist and illustrator, and is an honorary participant in the Aula Ingenia of Culture and Technology at the University of Córdoba. Among the clients with whom she works are the Cruzcampo company, Vodafone and the Reina Sofía University Hospital in Córdoba. Her works have been exhibited in numerous galleries, museums and festivals both inside and outside Spain. Her latest exhibition is entitled Yo no soy marinera, soy capitana (“I’m a captain, not a sailor”).

Portraits and elements intimately entwined with her roots are her most recurrent leitmotivs. Her work features a universe of personal symbols and she defines herself as a tireless narrator of personal stories.

She is the creator and artistic director of the project Algazara, el Presente del Califato, a multi-disciplinary artists’ collective in Córdoba that gives visibility to contemporary Andalusian art.

foto Almudena Castillejo


David is a livestock farmer, an environmental technician and an enthusiastic amateur historian, in addition to being an ardent practitioner of the art of knitting He forms one half of the human inspiration behind the farm El Robledal de la Santa. Creating garments using the fibres from his own animals, which he has known and looked after from birth, represents for him a unique creative process that completes the circle of the fashion world from the farm right through to the finished garment.


She learned to weave at a very young age. For years, her profession and her large family kept her away from knitting.

Later she took it up again and taught herself and attended workshops, since there is no formal training in knitting and hand knitting in Spain. The classes she receives include crochet and two needles, including different techniques for the development and construction of garments and accessories.

Currently, she continues to learn pattern knitting, as well as advanced courses in crochet and wool embroidery. Passionate about the processes from the beginning, with direct contact with the small producer, and all the people involved in the development of the garment and fabric: designers, dyers and weavers. She is also involved in the design of the accessories that complement the garment, such as the brooches that are used to hold the shawls or the buttons that accompany all the designs.

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Our knitters


Hand weaving is an art form that has been passed down from generation to generation, the weavers create unique garments following the indications of the people who design the pieces, giving their stamp to each fabric and making it a unique piece.


My name is Veronica, I am a knitter by profession. I started in the weaving world not long ago more than five years. I was passionate about being able to create my own hands to create my own garments, with different natural materials. I am still fascinated by this process in the which a few balls of wool end up being through a few needles, a beautiful garment ready to wear. to be used.